During this time of staying home it may seem wearing makeup is not necessary, which does leave us with the question “why and who for do we wear makeup?” My thoughts are that makeup makes me feel confident and I know with it that I am looking my best. But during this time of staying home I have not worn any makeup at all, what I have done is keep my skin in good condition by keeping it hydrated, eating well, getting plenty of fresh air and I have also been using a natural tanning oil for a golden glow and a lip tint balm. Although I have gone eu natural with bare faced no makeup I have in fact slightly cheated in tinting my eyebrows and lashes.

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Keeping brows trimmed and tinted frames the face. tinted eyelashes can be done at home too, just apply the tint on the ends of lashes top and bottom, with a spare mascara wand and leave for the stated time, then remove with cotton pads soaked in warm water and I would recomend using a sunscreen daily on your face for UV protection and under your makeup when you do start wearing it again.

So maybe this time can be used to take care of your skin, letting it breath and have a rest from makeup altogether, go on, be brave, give it a go!

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